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The Safe Adventure: The First Aid Guide

Discovery, jet-ski, boat or quad biking excursions are certainly therapeutic for our minds, but they can also be risky for our bodies. For example, during a jet-ski ride with friends, an accident can happen suddenly and a person can fall into the water. This is why our team has undergone first aid training given by the Paris fire brigade, in order to know what to do in the event of this kind of incident.

The basic gestures we needed to know :

  • Heimlich manoeuvre

A manual abdominal compression technique used to dislodge an object stuck in the throat (food or other foreign body) that prevents the person from breathing. For a person at risk of asphyxiation, this method can be effective.

  • Heart massage 

Cardiac massage, also known as thoracic compression, is a set of rescue gestures that allow you to exert pressure on the heart by pressing on the thorax with your hands. 

  • Lateral Safety Position

Putting the injured person, unconscious but breathing, in a lying position that allows him/her to safely wait for help following an illness or trauma. 

This position allows to evacuate potential vomiting without choking, conversely if the victim is not placed in a PLS position he could choke.

This training allowed us to acquire simple and fast emergency gestures in order to take care of an accident victim in any situation. Adventure is good, but adventure in complete safety is better. #EnjoyAUniqueExperience

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The Game Viewer, coming soon!

The vehicle that we are in the process of making will be intended for the safari, so that it can carry many people. It will allow them to admire the unique shows that nature offers us (such as watching the laying of leatherback turtles or even enjoying an aperitif in the middle of nowhere…) See you soon for this unique experience!

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What is whale watching ?

Whale watching is a form of tourism that aims to observe cetaceans in their natural environment. Offered here by Gabon Adventures during the dry season (from July to September), this activity is still quite new here, but it contributes to the discovery of local tourism and its expansion abroad. So, ready to set sail off from Port-Gentil, to observe the unique spectacle offered by these whales?

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Respecting our biodiversity

Beyond the experiences that we offer you, our mission is also to make each of us responsible for respecting the biodiversity that we have, which is unique and unknown to all. This is therefore reflected in certain activities aimed at changing our habits towards nature.

Gabon Adventures

Discovering the paramotor!

The paramotor is an extreme activity (close to parachute jumping), still quite unknown in Gabon, yet at Gabon Adventures we offer it to satisfy your most intense adventurous desires!

It is therefore an aircraft of the aerodyne category, composed of a paraglider canopy, and a light engine integrated into a protective cage carried on the pilot’s back. In short, only pleasure!

#Enjoy AUniqueExperience