The Safe Adventure: The First Aid Guide

Discovery, jet-ski, boat or quad biking excursions are certainly therapeutic for our minds, but they can also be risky for our bodies. For example, during a jet-ski ride with friends, an accident can happen suddenly and a person can fall into the water. This is why our team has undergone first aid training given by the Paris fire brigade, in order to know what to do in the event of this kind of incident.

The basic gestures we needed to know :

  • Heimlich manoeuvre

A manual abdominal compression technique used to dislodge an object stuck in the throat (food or other foreign body) that prevents the person from breathing. For a person at risk of asphyxiation, this method can be effective.

  • Heart massage 

Cardiac massage, also known as thoracic compression, is a set of rescue gestures that allow you to exert pressure on the heart by pressing on the thorax with your hands. 

  • Lateral Safety Position

Putting the injured person, unconscious but breathing, in a lying position that allows him/her to safely wait for help following an illness or trauma. 

This position allows to evacuate potential vomiting without choking, conversely if the victim is not placed in a PLS position he could choke.

This training allowed us to acquire simple and fast emergency gestures in order to take care of an accident victim in any situation. Adventure is good, but adventure in complete safety is better. #EnjoyAUniqueExperience